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Our Meetings

Sunday Memorial Service - 10.30 am
Our memorial meeting allows us to meet together and share the bread and the wine in remembrance of the life, death and resurrection of our the Lord Jesus Christ. We listen to an exhortation before we partake of the bread and wine.

Sunday School - 12.15 pm
Our Sunday school is held most Sundays following the standard school term times

Sunday Bible Talk - 12.15 pm
Our Bible talk is aimed at those who wish to learn more about God's word and covers a wide range of subjects throughout the year. Check the home page for upcoming subjects.

Thursday Bible Class - 7.30pm
Our main study evening of the week. We look at a specific subject from the Bible to learn more about God and his plan and purpose with this earth. Afterwards there is time for discussion on the subject.

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There is a Christadelphian sponsored course called 'Learn to read the Bible Effectively' designed to help you read and understand the Bible. It is available in a number of different formats and all free. For more information click here

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